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Transmission Ministry Collective

An online community dedicated to the spiritual care, faith formation, and leadership potential of transgender and gender-expansive Christians.


Welcome to a community created by and for transgender people, committed to growing in faith, supporting each other, and healing the world. Whether you identify as a Christian, grew up in Christianity, or are still figuring out your relationship to faith, you’ll find others here to share your journey. We’re fully online and accessible from anywhere. From video-based support groups, to an online Bible study, to a 24-7 chat server, we’ve got a place for you. We also offer education programs for churches and church leaders looking to better support and celebrate trans community members.

We hope that all of what we do makes our full affirmation of trans and gender-expansive people clear, but just in case it needs repeating: Transmission Ministry Collective believes that people of all gender identities and expressions are fully loved by God and should be supported at every level by their Christian siblings. We believe that God made humans co-creators and stewards of creation, and therefore the ways in which trans and gender-expansive people may choose to steward their bodies through medical and/or social transition constitutes faithful action. As an organization, we will always advocate for every individual’s right to self-identify and to choose any processes which bring them into alignment with themselves.

Four people with arms around each others' backs, looking off to the horizon
Four people standing side-by-side with arms around each others' backs, looking off to the horizon


  • Support Groups – regular virtual meetings with others who share your identities and experiences

  • Workshops – opportunities to learn more about gender and faith

  • Discord Server – a 24/7 moderated chat forum for trans and gender-expansive folks

  • Bible Studies – regular opportunities to deepen your understanding of scripture

  • Community Hangouts – monthly drop-in virtual gatherings

  • Church Partnerships – trans-affirming education for faith communities

In addition to our ongoing schedule of programs, we offer special events, holiday gatherings, and short-term groups. To learn more, click here.


Whether you’ve just started thinking about your gender, or you’ve been out for decades; whether you’re a cradle Christian or you’re just curious about faith—we’re all on a learning journey. Let’s learn together, and get grounded in our identities as people who are loved by God not in spite of who we are, but because of who we are.

Sometimes it’s hard to talk about faith in LGBTQI2A spaces, and hard to talk about gender in Christian spaces. You might feel like the only person dealing with this stuff, but so many of your siblings are in the same boat! At TMC we share stories, resources, and hope so that nobody has to sail alone.

One of the central tenents of Christian faith is a love for our neighbor. We’re not meant to focus on ourselves all the time! Gender-expansive Christians are blessed, and we’re called to pass that blessing on to the rest of the world. We empower each other to act for justice and peace.




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