An online community dedicated to the spiritual care, faith formation, and leadership potential of transgender and gender-expansive Christians.

We Want Gender-Expansive Christians to Feel

Transmission Ministry Collective believes that people of all gender identities and expressions are fully loved by God and should be supported at every level by their Christian siblings.

Rather than merely seeking to treat our neighbor as we want to be treated, we want to treat our neighbor as they want to be treated. We believe that God made humans co-creators and stewards of creation, and therefore the ways in which trans and gender-expansive people may choose to steward their bodies through medical and/or social transition constitutes faithful action. We value the fact that people in our community have different ideas and understandings related to identity, expression, and transition, and at the same time Transmission Ministry Collective as an organization will always advocate for every individual’s right to self-identify and to choose any processes which bring them into alignment with themselves.

Our Values