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Mandala - Commission

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Sold for: $27.00[2 Bids]

Reserve: [n/a]Winner: Karin Egge

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October 4, 2022 12:00 am CDT

    This is for an original piece of intuitively created mandala artwork, with watercolour and ink, before being digitised and emailed to the winner as an A4 pdf.

    Mandalas are indicative of sacred space, holding our intentions and focus. The image is an example of my style, but you are invited to indicate colours or intentions you would prefer.

    I work intuitively - meaning I do not know what the final piece will look like until it is finished. You can also have a look at my instagram account to get a feel for my style.

    Digital item

    Contributed by Terin Hastelow

    This is a digital copy of an original commissioned piece of art. Purchaser has the right to print for their own use and there will not be other copies made. This piece is solely for the purchaser. Purchaser may also make arrangements directly with creator to receive the original piece sent from New Zealand, pending an agreement around postage costs.

    Market value of this piece is estimated at $60.

    Item Information

    Winner will receive PayPal payment link via email.