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Gender and sex have always been nuanced and intricate concepts, and that’s just as true within the history of Christianity as it is today! In this workshop, Leah DeVun, author of The Shape of Sex: Nonbinary Gender from Genesis to the Renaissance will walk us through some of the historical debates about the creation of an “androgynous” Adam and Eve, as well as depictions of a nonbinary or feminized Jesus in late medieval visual art and in devotional literature. In our own modern moment, we often hear that transgender and nonbinary gender practices are new and, as a result, are threatening to traditional gender. This talk will explore how, far from being new and threatening, nonbinary sex and gender have a very long history. Not only were they a part of Christian tradition, but Christianity sometimes even embraced them. DeVun will discuss how premodern Christians created a system of sex and embodiment that both anticipates and challenges modern beliefs about what it means to be male, female—and human.

This is a 60 minute lecture-based workshop with a time for discussion and questions at the end. The workshop is open to everyone, and will be recorded. We’ll be sending a link to the video out to all ticketholders after the session, so you’ll be able to view the event even if you can’t participate on the day.

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