“Nonbinary Gender and the Divine Image in Early Christianity” with Leah DeVun


Gender and sex have always been nuanced and intricate concepts, and that's just as true within the history of Christianity as it is today! In this workshop, Leah DeVun, author of The Shape of Sex: Nonbinary Gender from Genesis to the Renaissance will walk us through some of the historical debates about the creation of an “androgynous” Adam and Eve, as well as depictions of a nonbinary or feminized Jesus in late medieval visual art and in devotional literature.

“Mutual Aid and Community Care” with Kenya Cummings


What is mutual aid? How can we look at both biblical and contemporary examples of this practice and apply them in our community? In our August workshop, presenter Kenya Cummings will take us through mutual aid 101.

We Are All Cathedrals: Poetry & Divine Bodies with Jay Hulme


Have you ever felt a sense of awe when entering a large church or cathedral? Have you ever felt something similar when looking down at your own body? The two experiences might have more in common than you think! Join poet and trans educator Jay Hulme for an adventure in exploring both.

“The Liberative Responsibility of the LGBTQ Community” with Cameron Overton


The concept of liberation is essential to queer Christian theology, but how do we actually live that out? Join Pastor Cameron Overton of Zao MKE Church to learn about his experience building a Jesus-rooted, justice-centered, and radically inclusive community that works for the liberation of ALL people!

“World History Before We Were Trans” with Kit Heyam


In the past, historians have often focused primarily on people who were easy to classify, but maybe it's time to admit that history is a lot less stable, binary, and white than we've been led to believe. Join Kit Heyam as they reflect on the process of writing their recent book Before We Were Trans, a global history of gender nonconformity which calls for a new approach to trans history founded on an ethics of community, care and anti-racism.

“Building Affirming Churches for Trans Youth” with Ross Murray


Faithful ministry with LGBTQ youth means listening to, believing, and seeking to understand the reality of the youth in our care. This is easy to say, but difficult to do in practice. Join Ross Murray, author of "Made, Known, Loved: Developing LGBTQ-Inclusive Youth Ministry," for an hour of wisdom, action steps, and discussion!

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