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We know there are many faith communities who recognize the harm transgender people have suffered in Christian spaces, and want to become places where trans members are loved, cared for, and free to share their unique gifts. By partnering with TMC, you can have a measurable impact on the lives of your trans and gender-expansive siblings in Christ, and expand your understanding of trans-inclusive theology and pastoral practice.

As an organization that is trans-centered but not trans-exclusive, Transmission Ministry Collective seeks to provide support and learning opportunities for ministry professionals, church leaders, and congregations looking to step deeper into solidarity with their trans siblings. We offer education opportunities in many different formats, including recorded content, virtual trainings, and in-person talks and eventsSome of our workshop offerings are listed below. Our full workshop series, Trans Inclusion for Church Communities, includes all three workshops. We can also work with you to design a program that fits the specific needs of your community, such as the Evening of Storytelling recently held at Spirit Garage Church in Minneapolis, MN (pictured below). Read more about this event in our 2023 Annual Report.

Workshop 1: Trans 101

Audience: for all

Workshop description:

This 2 hour introductory workshop provides a comprehensive overview of core concepts, terminology, and best practices to increase understanding and inclusion of transgender and gender expansive people.

Workshop 2: Gender-Expansive Intersectional Theology

Audience: for all

Workshop description:

This 2 hour workshop provides an introduction to liberating theology for gender-expansive people. Participants will leave equipped with a foundational understanding of the history of anti-trans theology in the Church, foundational biblical passages for gender-expansive affirming theology, and the importance of moving beyond apologetics.

Workshop 3: Trans Inclusion for Church Leaders

Audience: for church leadership, including clergy, staff, and council members

Workshop description:

This interactive 2 hour workshop equips church leadership with practical guidance, policies, and structures to create a welcoming and affirming environment for transgender and gender expansive congregants. Participants will leave empowered to implement meaningful changes in their faith communities.

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