Help support and empower trans
and gender-expansive Christians.

Transmission Ministry Collective is an online community dedicated to the spiritual care, faith formation, and leadership potential of transgender and gender-expansive Christians. Your support helps build a world where gender-expansive Christians feel grounded in their identity and relationship with God, connected to their siblings in faith, and empowered to serve others.

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Thank you for supporting the TMC community!

Here’s what some of our members say about TMC

“The support groups, both chat and video, have been helpful as I explore and grow in my spirituality. Complex topics in scriptures and current events can be wrestled with safely there.”

“TMC is creating an inclusive faith community online and at the same time showing the broader faith community how to serve all people, where all really means all.”

“This community has helped me maintain and grow in my faith as I was questioning my gender and has been a great source of comfort and friendship when I needed it most during the beginning of my transition.”

“I think it is important to help amplify the message to trans folks and families that you don’t have to choose between who you are and who you worship. And it’s great when EVERYBODY hears that message.”

“TMC is a very profound exercise in building Christian community: sometimes messy, occasionally difficult, but always beautiful. I am so grateful that I have found it.”

“Both the Bible study and the video support groups have been of critical importance to me because there are so few forums that I know of which are positive & affirming – particularly in religious communities for trans folk! TMC is a vital ministry!”
“We are all 1000% better off in having representation of trans leaders and trans folks in faith communities. It feels like a much more authentic representation of God’s community. God does not fit within the binary and trans folks are living proof of the creativity and beauty of God.” 

We are grateful for the gifts made in memory of the following individuals:

  • Pastor Brenda Walker, in memory of Martine Halbrooks
  • Beth and Danice Carlson-Malena, in memory of Bekett Noble
  • Liane Roe, in memory of Miriam Eli Roe
  • Bill Speake, in memory of Lane Marie Speake