The collective is what we make it.

There are several ways you can get involved as a volunteer at TMC: as part of the leadership cohort, as part of our prayer team and welcome wagon, or as a volunteer for a specific short-term project. We care for our volunteers through free training and resources, and cultivate a volunteer community that prioritizes rest and respect for each other’s abilities.

Leadership Cohort

Are you a trans or gender-expansive person who wants to be further equipped to lead in Christian community?

Our leadership cohort can empower you to work for wholeness and justice within your own life, within your church, and within the wider world. As part of the leadership cohort, you’ll receive free access to workshops, monthly spiritual care sessions, and opportunities to learn from experts in the fields of ministry and organizing. You’ll have the chance to put your training into practice by moderating our Discord server, leading our support groups, facilitating our monthly community hangouts, or spearheading special projects related to your interests.

Prayer Team & Welcome Wagon

Prayer Team

Our prayer team is a small group of volunteers on our Discord server who respond to prayer requests from community members and make time to hold them in prayer each week. This is an especially important role within our community, because so many trans and gender-expansive people have experienced religious trauma related to prayer. As a prayer team volunteer, you give community members the comforting knowledge that they are being prayed for with the correct name and pronouns and in a way that affirms and honors all of who they are.

Welcome Wagon

Our Welcome Wagon team is another small group of volunteers on our Discord server, responsible primarily for welcoming new people when they join. Beyond that first welcome, team members help those new to Discord navigate everything the platform has to offer and connect them with others who share their interests and identities. Our Welcome Wagon members often serve as the first point of contact with TMC, so this role is critical in providing an encouraging presence that helps new members know they can be themselves.

Interested in volunteering with TMC?

Send us a message on our contact page or message Micah Melody in our Discord server.

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