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Are you ready to explore your gender and the way it connects to all the other parts of you? Wondering if labels like “trans,” “nonbinary,” or “gender-expansive” make sense of how you experience things? Well, you’re invited to this 4 week journey alongside other folks with the same questions!

We’ll be holding space for questions like:

  • “Am I really trans if I don’t fit the common narratives?”

  • “What if this is all in my head?”

  • “Does questioning my gender make me a bad Christian?”

  • “Am I too old/young to figure this out?”

  • “Is this about what I like to wear, or who I am?”

  • and more!

You don’t have to identify as transgender or anywhere under the trans umbrella to participate–this is a space for people who think they might not fit entirely into the cisgender box, and who want to dig deeper into what that looks like for them. We’ll be moving together as a cohort, so you’ll be seeing the same faces each time, and coming out of the experience with new friends and neighbors!

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