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Are you a partner, spouse, or significant other of a trans or gender expansive person? Are you processing through what your partner’s transition means for your relationship? You’re invited to this 4-week journey alongside other partners with similar questions! These sessions will be led by Katie Chiaramonte and Hana Taberner, two partners of trans people themselves.

They’ll be holding space for questions like:

  • “How does my spouse’s disclosure change my/our future, and our family’s future?”
  • “Is it ok to grieve? How am I giving myself permission to feel in this process?”
  • “What effect will my spouse’s transition have on my closest relationships?”
  • “How does this impact my own gender/sexual/spiritual identity?”
  • “How do I find safe spaces to process and receive support?”

and more!

Whether you are cisgender or transgender yourself, this space is for anyone who is processing through their partner’s transition. We’ll be moving together as a cohort, so you’ll be seeing the same faces each time, and coming out of the experience with new friends and a supportive community!

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